HIDING THE TRACKS   2014 > 2016

In 2011 I decided to move to Spain, leaving 32 years back in Italy. I distanced myself from my family, my friends and everything that, by the time, was my artistic language: sculpture. Hiding the tracks was my first paintings series and it was born from the wish of starting a new chapter in my life; a blank page.

Understanding these portraits and their subtle erotism can be a little difficult. Perhaps, something that can help is picturing a boy that for the first time feels the freedom to build his own idea of masculinity, searching for different possible models: by age, by physique or by attitude.

What I see today, looking at these portraits, is certain ingenuity accompanied by a good dose of guilt. The attempt to erase all the context details of the image, reminds me of something we did as teenagers: cutting out of a magazine a photograph that awoke an incredible desire and then hide it from judgmental eyes, isolated from its history and from our own.