PRESENCE   2023 > now

Since 2021, I have started to notice subtle changes in the work I’ve been doing. The first, and undoubtedly the most significant, has been the emergence of a new poetics of the image.

Suddenly, small gestures and everyday scenes transform into paintings with great emotional impact. At that moment, the coherence of the image with previous works was not as important as the urgency to capture an instant in which thousands of meanings were condensed. It was as if, through time, one could speak of the present and the past as if they were one and the same.

With the advent of this new poetics, a burgeoning interest in composition emerged, alongside a specific attention to the written word as a medium to amplify meanings.

Today this category, Presence, showcases a collection of these paintings and drawings. Even though they might lack formal coherence, these works possess an intuitive consistency. Each of them is the result of a connection where, suddenly, everything makes sense.