pijas marrones podcast


For the fourth time, I have been invited as a guest on the incredible Pijas Marrones podcast by Popy Blasco, alongside Nestor Barbosa. Today, we have an exciting lineup of topics to discuss. We will delve into the intricacies of Arco 2024, the renowned art fair, and explore the fascinating journey of Rodrigo Muñoz Ballester’s sculpture “Manuel,” as it returns to the fair after a remarkable 40 years.

Furthermore, we will touch upon the recent Oscars and engage in insightful conversations regarding social and political issues. We will also devote special attention to the vibrant LGBTQ+ culture in Spain.

We warmly invite you to join in on our amazing conversation! Tune in to Spotify and be a part of this enriching experience. We extend our gratitude to Subterfuge Radio for providing us with this incredible platform to express our opinions.

Pijas Marrones Podcast.