• Size: 24 x 24 cm, round shape
  • Medium: pen on bed sheets
  • Year: 2019
  • Know more about this series: MOONLIGHT



Where have you gone?

Here, just empty sheets soaked in moonlight.

Moonlight is a series of pen drawings in bedsheets. I choose these materials to transmit something concrete and intimate: the weight of a not-so-distant memory. Last night, you were here with me. Now, you’re gone. The circular cut is a clear reference to the moon. The round shape is something changing: it converts lines and shadows into moon craters and landscapes to explore; at the same time, it allows different possibilities of composition. You can turn the circle and choose what you want to find: a figurative artwork or an abstract one. It’s up to you.

Look at the moon and tell me: what do you see?


From 2021 it will be possible to buy this artwork and some others with just one click in my shop section. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in this drawing, don’t hesitate to write me. I will give you all the information: price, size, materials, and meaning. If you live in Madrid, you can also book a visit to my workspace. I will show you personally this artwork and many others. What are you waiting for? Write me a message, and let’s have an art-coffee!