Hello, I’m Eva. I have been sending you numerous messages, but you haven’t responded. It’s no surprise: everyone knows you’re useless.

They continue to recount your story, the one that began with a bitten apple and an eternal damnation. The truth is that you never ate that apple, although you would have liked to. Also at that time, you were merely a little coward.

Sometimes, when you are drunk or high, you indulge in fantasies of parting my legs and eating the forbidden. You ring me incessantly throughout the night and wait beneath my window. Then you sob like a child, insisting you cannot yield to these desires, and I have to stay there and dry your tears as if I were your mother.

Aren’t you aware? I’m no longer alone. I am now accompanied by many other Evas. With each passing day, our numbers grow. We all possess large legs and thick, furry counts. Sometimes, we also have a dick, larger and stronger than yours.

The message was a warning. We will take you down because we no longer need you. We are searching for you in every place. Understand this well. They claim that with each passing day, you become older and weaker. We are close to finding you and disfiguring your face with our high heels.

Besides, I’m pretty sure you will like it, you pig.

Eva new collaboration with Lucas Alvarez.


“Eva” is my solo exhibition at RGF Studio and a profoundly special collaboration with my dear friend, Lucas Alvarez an incredible dancer and performer. Together, we have crafted this project, exploring masculinity and femininity through painting, dance, and prose. Join us on the 17 of November 2023 for our grand opening and an unforgettable performance!

Eva new collaboration with Lucas Alvarez.