• Size: 33 x 33 x 3 cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on board
  • Year: 2018
  • Not Avalable (Private Collection)
  • Know more about this series: GROUPIES. 

A portrait of Natxo with his boyfriend.

I created an empty background -just a few violent gray and pink brush strokes- to focus the attention on their interaction.

I was searching for a strong image of emotional dependency between two men, with a little erotic and sentimental hint.

This artwork belongs to the Groupies series and was shown in my personal exhibition at Factoria de Arte y Desarrollo in 2018.

We are our own groupies. In the stage there is no one anymore, yet we keep on dancing. We celebrate our lives and our first, our second, our third, our fourth adolescence. We live through the reflected light of a flash and search for an instant absolute and eternal plenitude in dark places. We need real or virtual people who look and illuminate us. We give ourselves entirely: in body and soul. We wear masks, fluorescent colors and plastic flowers. We know how to seduce. With a little extra help, we can be immortal.

Groupies is my fourth series of paintings: it’s a tribute to post-rock, artificial light, narcissism and adolescence.

Bounded. An original painting by Elia Tomás: Spanish gay art.